While I wear many chic chapeaux professionally* for the purposes of this website I’m a Brooklyn** based freelance writer, author and content developer.

I write most frequently about business and style and the business of style. I combine my knowledge as a style expert with my experience as a marketing strategist to craft stories that inform people about what’s hip, what’s hype and what’s definitely overripe.

My style is witty and engaging. My stories are well researched and in the case of celebrity or trend pieces, might include a healthy dose of skepticism.

While I write for top publications, I also consult to create customized style and lifestyle content for branded publications. I also work with companies to create, launch and promote their own publications. Some call me their ‘quote ghost’ since I also come up with pithy soundbites, speeches, op-eds and communications for those on the C level.

I’m also a prolific copywriter and have created taglines, slogans, marketing copy, packaging and more for a wide range of packaged goods, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies among others.

I also love partnering with PR agencies on adding some punch to their press releases or outreach messaging.

I’m a member of the Author’s Guild and the Society of American Business Editors and Writers. I’ve written for, been written about or quoted in hundreds of top international media outlets and publications including: Advertising Week, amNewYork (former/current opinion columnist) ABC News (refer to me as a “Celebrity Style Maven”), AOL, the AP, The Bowflex Insider, BravoTV.com, The Boston Globe, BrandWeek, Bust, CareerBuilder, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, CitySearch, CNBC, CNN, CNNMoney (Former TV host and series creator), CommunityTable, Cosmopolitan, Entrepreneur, EOnline, Fashion Week Daily, Financial Times, Fodors.com, Fortune, Fortune Small Business (former contributor), Forbes, Forbes Life, Four Seasons, Fox News, Galley Cat, Glamour, Good Morning America, The Guardian, HotJobs.com, Interest.com, Investors Business Daily, Ladders, Martha Stewart Weddings, Men’s Health, Mint.com (Created MintStyle), Monster.com, MSN, MSNBC, Newsday, Newsweek, New York Daily News, 360, The New York Sun (created the style section), The New York Times (Sunday Magazine, Styles Section, Business Section), Pregnancy, Poynter.org, Publishers Weekly, Religion Newswire, Scotland on Sunday (former columnist), The Scotsman, The Evening Standard, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Post, Self, The New York Sun (co-created the style section) USA Today, USA Weekend, U.S. News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post (“hotshot beauty consultant”), WebMD.com, Woman’s Day, Yahoo Finance, Zink and so many others…

I have a long history as an internet entrepreneur and innovator and have co-developed several of the first online portals and beauty and lifestyle websites including (the now defunct) Airkisses.com, NYCbest.com & PlanetPretty.com among others.

* You can read more about the rest of my professional skills here.

** And before you go rolling your eyes about yet another Brooklyn based freelance writer and author- I’m a native. Yo.

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